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basketball is life. the rest is just details. 


not to brag, but I dropped 41 in a rec league game this year. I'm pretty sure there's still a chance I could play in the NBA. never say never.


my basketball accomplishments include being part of the westwood rec center champions (Go Knights!)...

and winning my fantasy keeper league in 2015.

 and scoring 98 points on one of those pop a shot games (suck it, Kobe).

i really helped this team grow over the last few years with some key draft picks, accumulation of assets, a decent amount of patience and a blockbuster trade or two. Just look at the improvement from year to year.

this was my favorite shirt as a kid.

how many hours of basketball podcasts is too many to listen to in a day? because we've got the Starters, Zach Lowe, Jalen and Jacoby, plus whatever Bill Simmons is up to next.

and in case you missed it on the 72U page, me making a half court granny shot while dressed like a granny.

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