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Budweiser is known as a leader in China’s EDM scene - with Budweiser Storm, Asia’s biggest EDM festival, and 4 years of original music video collaborations. Initially, beer sales increased - but over time, young people started to choose wine and liquor instead.


So, we broke the mold of traditional EDM music videos by creating a meaningful, story driven, sci-fi film. The film is a metaphor for the way EDM gives people the freedom to release the stress from everyday life.


In addition, we built a new product to differentiate from other brands… and drive sales;  An LED wristband that reacts to music when activated by a Budweiser bottle.


The film, titled “Fang,” which means “unleash,” stars legendary Chinese pop-icon, Eason Chan. In the film, Eason and Budweiser are the catalysts that help people break free from a mundane world. The LED wristband guides the characters to liberation.


Eason wrote a brand-new track and collaborated with Brazilian hit-maker, DJ Alok, to create the EDM remix and score for the film.


We launched the film with a full-scale PR event featuring Eason Chan, including a live-stream Q and A panel that garnered 7 billion impressions.


The response was overwhelming. The film was viewed by more than 288 million people.The campaign was seen by over 449 million people - and garnered more than 10 Billion impressions. Half a million interactive LED wristbands were distributed across bars, clubs and Budweiser Storm. And sales increased by 15%.


In the end, young consumers had content from Budweiser that they chose to seek out rather than avoid—helping solidify Bud’s role in Chinese pop culture.




CAA Marketing



Creative Executive

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