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Wheelin’ & Dealin’ is a fictional documentary that turns the lens on Bobby Spencer, the magnetic team owner portrayed by Bruce McGill in Netflix’s new Kevin James/Jeff Lowell sitcom, “The Crew.” Blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment, the five-minute comedy packs in the laughs (and celebrities) as it examines the audacious origins of Bobby, which coincidentally has more than a little to do with Busch beer. The film mixes real NASCAR archival footage from the 1970s with original footage and revealing interviews from Jane Seymour, Seal, Kevin Harvick, and of course, the Busch Guy. 
Since the Bobby Spencer character only makes a brief appearance in the pilot, we had a lot of freedom to craft a story around him. We depicted him as a lovable and enigmatic rogue who has a hankering for a good Busch. In the 1970s, down-on-his-luck Bobby hijacks a Busch beer truck and winds up on the Daytona 500 qualifying track where he miraculously qualifies for the race in the 18-wheeler.  Along the way he invents the mullet, the bumper sticker and even the-six-pack. Fame and fortune come next for Bobby as he dates actress Jane Seymour, becomes a cultural icon, and eventually buys his own race team. He’s an inspiration to some, like NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick. And he’s a nemesis to others, like famous singer-songwriter Seal. You’ll have to watch to find out why. 

To date, the film and trailer have been viewed nearly 2 million times with very little promotion. Newsweek said they wished Bobby Spencer was a real person, and even the creator of The Crew said he wished he could take credit for the work. The only complaint has been that this Wheelin’ & Dealin’ wasn’t it’s own TV series. 

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